Plex client not installing

I have tried to install Plex a bunch of times and each time it says that it is installing and shuts down the atv and relaunches, just like other installs, but Plex still appears in the menu as “not installed”.  Is there any way to ssh manually install with atv Flash?

I would look for an answer to this on the Plex forums rather than the FireCore ones as I believe that how to install Plex and what version to install is discussed there.

Lil guide I made for myself. 

1. ssh to your new device (root, default password alpine if you haven’t changed it already)

2. Append “deb ./downloads/PLEX/” to “/etc/apt/sources.list.d/plex.list” (adds the plex repo to your jailbroken appleTV)

3. update apt-get (refreshes latest packages in your repos, specifically the above one)

4. run the following: apt-get install com.plex.client-plugin=0.8.1 (installs the plex client)

5. run the following: wget a hack to get the plex client shown on the appleTV’s iOS 4.3.3 dashboard)

6. run the following: dpkg -i PLEX.frapplication.deb (installs the hack)

7. run the following: killall AppleTV

8. restart the device and just connect it to any plex media server you are hosting at home.


I still find this older build of plex is buggy. Memory issues galore but I mainly use it to watch TED talks and stick with firecore's Media Player.

Thanks. Was away for a while and will give it a try tonight.