Plex Client install/configuration

The initial install of the Plex Client went good.  When configuring the Plex Client I did not enter in the Plex Server information since I currently have it on a remote server (not on the same network as my atv2).  All I did was enter in my account creds.  After doing so I exited out of the Plex Client and that's when the problems started happening....

It seemed like the atv2 was in an infinite lowtide reboot, there was no display on my TV but i could ssh to the atv2 device.  To fix this issue i removed the Plex Client via apt-get remove com.plex.client-plugin and rebooted the device

Do I need to enter in a Plex Server for the plugin to work?!?!  I would have thought that the Plex Client would just use my account creds to view all my remote servers.