Plex Client fast forward/rewind issue

Hi there everyone,

I am new to apple tv, but have been using plex for some time now mainly with a windows setup. Never had a problem with it so took the plunge and bought an ATV2 and installed atvflash-black.

I have a small problem that I was hoping you might be able to help me resolve, anytime I fastforward or rewind a show I am watching through plex, the screen goes blank, I can see the progress bar working ok, and if I resume play picture comes back. Not a biggy but more an annoyance as you have to guess where you need to stop. It was not there in version, but has since shown up after installing version 

My setup is a windows xp pc running plex server version through a gigbit router to the ATV2 running plex client version 

Has anyone else experienced this issue, have you managed to resolve it ? Does anyone have any ideas ?


Thanking you all in advance.