Plex client doesn't show, Overflow no longer hides items


Have just re-jailbroke using the lastest season pass,  which all went well.  Installed a nice fresh copy of ATV-2,  again all seemed to go ok.  But if i install Plex it doesn’t show anywhere in the menu (says it is installed in maintenance)

and if i install NitoTv and then install overflow,  and move move items (apart from plea into the overflow section,  they are duplicated in the overflow and the main menu

have restarted etc all to no avail

am on a wired ethernet connection

the above has always worked on previous jailbreaks/atv  

Any clues would be appreciated


Overflow is broken with latest software. Previous fix (downgrading a package) also doesn’t seem to work. Apparently the developer has ceased working on it but source code is available.

See ATV forums at for latest. Plex is also broken under latest IOS. A beta (with its own problems) is available that at least let’s you run it.

Ahh, the pleasures of technology.