Plex Cinema Trailers pre-roll video

Using Infuse Pro on ATV4 with my Plex server and loving it. Infinitely better than the Plex client, so thank you.

That said, I had created some 6 second long pre-roll videos that play prior to each movie and it would be awesome if Infuse would honor that setting.

I believe that Plex provides these in the response when requesting movie info, so it should only be a matter of honoring the cinemaTrailersPrerollID response and playing this first.




This would be awesome!

Firecore, can we please get this added.

+1 also would love this feature.

This would be a great feature. Please do this.

+1 here too. I love the pre-roll trailers.

+1 I would like this feature also. I have to revert back to using the Plex app in order to see my pre-rolls.