Plex "Channels"? Help!

Ok so far I am loving Plex and have it setup exactly how I want it, but for the life of me I can’t figure out channels!!


I see lots of info on installing new channels, I have all my channels in the right folder, but when I open up channels I only see Itunes Video, and Itunes Music.  Nothing else.


  • I have the “disable” thing checked in settings (have tried it both ways)

  • I have reinstalled everything just in case

  • I have searched the internet for answers for hours.


What painfully obvious feature am I missing here???



Ok updating my own thread.


So I did manage to see HOW to install new channels.  I never knew that you did it through server list —> plex online thingy.  I thought it was something I had to do on my host machine.


Anyway, while I did get some installed, I did not see any of the channels I manually added to the plug-in folder on my Windows machine.  Is that not where I put them?

Also, even the plugins that work are glitchy.  Like if you select preferences, nothing happens.  That normal?