Plex - Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

I’ve been using Plex successfully on my iPad for about 3 years. Just tried setting it up for my wife and I am getting a message with the title Bandwidth Limit Exceeded and the message itself says: Adjust the remote streaming and/or upload speed settings in Plex in order to play this video.

I’ve found a few forum posts on other sites addressing this, and also this support article.

However, I just can’t find the option within Plex to change this. I have connected to my Plex via the site and clicked on the Settings icon (picture of the wrench) in the top right. I’ve navigated through all of the menus on the left, with advanced options shown, and can’t find anything relevant.

I figure this will be a real easy fix!

Only other difference is that I’m not on Wi-Fi today, this is via 4G and I’m getting 2Mbps.

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