Plex App Loads Content A LOT Faster

Does anyone have recommendations on settings I could try to implement on Apple TV or iPhone to speed up the process of loading files from an external server in Infuse?

When loading the exact same TV Show or Movie on the native Plex app or on the Infuse app, infuse is noticeably much slower. I tried searching for optimal settings, but couldn’t find any.

What I end up doing a lot of time is selecting something to watch through Infuse (the artwork for movies and TV shows won’t load on my plex app for some reason, but will on Infuse), trying to watch it there, it stays loading for a couple of minutes, I give up, go to the Plex app, try to watch it there and it loads fairly quickly.

I just want to use it continuously on Infuse, and would love a recommendation. Let me know if you have any tests you’d like me to run.

I’m having a similar issue too. Just opening infuse is taking ages. Search takes a long long time too. It’s quicker to go to plex, search/add something to a playlist, go back to infuse and then open it from the playlist. Ridiculous.
I find when playing something it’s fine. Plays almost instantly and have no issues pausing, rewinding, resuming. It’s just the initial opening and browsing. It certainly wasn’t this bad a month ago (except search - I’ve always found that to be really slow and clunky)

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled. Tried the beta, gone back to App Store version. Removed and re added shares. Used library. Used without library etc etc. nothing seems to work

If you are seeing slowness when loading videos, you may try running a speed test to see what kind of speeds you are getting. Infuse will always stream videos in their original quality, which is different than the Plex app which often times will transcode files to a smaller version.

Aside from that, there are a number of search related optimizations coming in upcoming 7.5 release, which should help with larger libraries in particular.

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I am running both in original quality, so it shouldn’t be that. I’ve run speedtests before and have gotten an average of 115 Mbps, which seems fine for Full HD videos. But again, the only thing that I think matters in this comparison is that the same file, both in original quality, plays almost instantly on the Plex app but loads for minutes on Infuse.

Is there something else I can test? Some variation on settings and so on? The client is an Apple TV 4k 2021.

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Hey James, thanks again for the response. Any feedback based on what I said afterward? About how they’re both streaming on original quality?



What are you using for a file server?

It’s a Plex server that has been shared with me, so I’m not sure about the configuration there. Would it affect the performance of the plex app vs the infuse app?