Plex and Jellyfin

The two options recently added are not well executed.

Plex and Jellyfin are servers.

They’ve already catalogued the films and series in order and with the information.

But if I add plex to Infuse, what Infuse does is to completely read the library and look for the content on the Internet.

It is only to serve as a plex client or Jellyfin would instantly show what is added in Plex or Jellyfin.

Infuse shouldn’t pick it all again. They’ve already done it.

Infuse does use the metadata of the plex server 100%. Have you tried adding a custom picture to one of the items and see if its visible in infuse?

No, what Infuse does to re-indexate the content of Plex or Jellyfin.

In my case days.

Plex and Jellyfin are servers, Infuse should be a customer and show what Plex and Jellyfin already indexed would be instantaneous.

If I put new content in it, it would appear in Infuse instantly without waiting for me to look.