PLEX and Infuse won't recognize AVCHD / BDMV file

Hi, I searched the forums for this, maybe I’m not understanding correctly, but I have a movie in an “AVCHD Collection” file that is not being recognized by PLEX or Infuse. I’m using PLEX as my media server with Infuse on an Apple TV 4K.

The file folder structure is like this:
Movie Title folder —> AVCHD Collection File (1 file, 58.84 GB, titled “BDMV”) + “CERTIFICATE” Folder + “UHD!” Folder.

That’s it. I updated my PLEX media server and it won’t recognize or add it to PLEX or Infuse. I also went into Infuse settings and added my laptop as a share with my hard drive that contains all my movies and media files including this one. What am I doing this wrong or missing?

Hi, I’m still searching around for solutions, I’m currently connected to OS X via SMB and also PLEX Media Server as well. I was reading some older threads about NFS connections being faster but also read the latest versions of Infuse have fast SMB connections. Either way, any help getting this movie to play is much appreciated. Thanks

Unfortunately, folder and image based videos (BDMV, ISO, VIDEO_TS, etc…) aren’t supported in Plex, and by extension can’t be streamed to Infuse.

However, if you are able to connect directly to your device via SMB, NFS, etc… Infuse will be able to see and play these videos.

Sorry for the super late response, but will these files or any BluRay disc files ever be able to stream to Infuse like .mkv files? I really wanted to a/b some BluRay files with Remux .mkv’s and the actual BluRay discs to see if there was a noticeable difference in quality. Some of the BluRay files have Dolby Vision and higher bitrates so if there’s a way to upgrade my backups to be closer to the actual disc quality that would be amazing. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks

The more recent versions of makemkv do support Dolby vision extraction, but unfortunately this is not something that the Apple TV can play. I believe it should fall back to HDR10. There are very few options if you want to keep that to be closest to disc playback, like using Nvidia shield, although DV playback isn’t yet perfect. Only just now exiting beta for plex. But maybe that is enough for you. Do the comparison and see if you notice DV vs HDR.

Does makemkv extract Dolby Vision from the BluRay disc and from the BluRay Disc file? But either way you are saying even if I successfully do this Apple TV can’t play it? Also when you say DV is just now exiting beta for Plex, is that with just playing your media and streaming it directly in Plex? Sorry for noob questions, I would love to see the difference between .mkv with HDR vs BluRay disc image with Dolby Vision.

Yes and yes. Plex streaming your media in nvidia shield only.
This thread has more info:

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Awesome thank you! I already have everything in Plex I just don’t have Nvidia Shield. Was hoping this would work withInfuse Pro and my Apple TV4K. :confused: