Plex and Infuse 6

After the upgrade, I am unable to play my files on Infuse. My content is coming from my Plex library and when I play it, “an error occurred loading this content”.

Library has updated the new files added so I know it is connected. But selecting the show produces an error. I had no problems playing before the update

Sorry for the trouble.

If you are still having trouble after the 6.0.2 update, we’d love to take a deeper look at this if you are able to send in a quick report from your Apple TV.

Email sent along with the code.

Videos play if I map the share using infuse. Unable to play files Using Plex to map the files

Same problem here…did you find out what the problem was?

I was told to update but the problem still persists on infuse 6.0.5

Damn,I hope this will work in the future…otherwise i dont really need the Pro Version anymore :confused: