Plex accounts on Infuse

I just linked my Plex account with Infuse. I’m loving the way Infuse looks but I’m wondering if you can access your different Plex users with Infuse. For example, I have Plex Home and have separate Plex accounts for people in my family on my Plex server. Can this be done or is it exclusive to the Plex app?

This is not available yet, but multi-user support is something we plan to have available in a future update.

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Hi James

I’ve only just come across Infuse recently and I am very interested in this feature of having multi-user support.

I’m currently using the Plex app on Apple TV 4K and it’s a big let down compared to Infuse 5.

Do you have any sort of time frame? I’d really like to use Infuse as the main client on my Apple TV.


No hard ETA right now, but it could be available in late 2018 or early 2019.

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Hi there, just wanted to mention that as soon as this is possible Im more than happy to buy Infuse for all my devices. But don’t stress it, just make it right.

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Hi, just wondering if there was any update on this? Plex user switching is the only feature I miss since switching from Plex app!

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You can track this features progress in the queue here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)

Right now Multi-user profiles is in the Planned area but keep checking for updates. James keeps this thread updated often.

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6.4. Progress!

We are well after « it could be available in late 2018 or early 2019 » and I don’t see it in this incoming features thread. Does it means it has been implemented ?

Look in the pinned topic at the top of the Suggestions sub-forum to see what is currently being worked on and what is planned. That is frequently updates by FireCore with updated information.

Support for multi-user on tvOS is on the roadmap in the 6.6.x schedule That should introduce the concept of tracking stuff per user to Infuse.

I suspect that support for multi-user Plex support might appear some time after that (or at the same time if the integration to Plex isn’t too difficult) … although I guess on iOS there may be more additional work needed in the UI (as the currently planned work is tvOS only). But as multi-user Plex support isn’t mentioned on the current roadmap this is pure speculation on my part.

Yes but it is no more in this list contrary to what was stated so I was wondering if I missed something or like @remotevisitor said it was included in the multiuser for tvOS.
Thanks anyway for the reply

Any news about this ? Multi user account woud be simply one of the best features possible.

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You can keep abreast of what’s coming in future releases of Infuse here Upcoming Features (updated 5/12/20)