Plex 8.0

Plex 8 is out, when will the update be available via Manage Extras?

I would like to know this also

I thought it was already available. I have mines installed.

Yes, it has been added now.

Hi guys, I have yet to install AppleTV Flash hack on my new AppleTV, but I was wondering (and asking in an other Post): How does one update Plex to the newest version using the AppleTV Flash hack ?


Is it with the user interface of the AppleTV ? If so … is there an update option available for Plex in the AppleTV Menus ?

Is the latest version of Plex always available with this update process ? Or does one have to wait a while after the Plex Team post their new version online ??


I hope I can get answers in this thread !! :slight_smile: Thx guys

Navigate to “Manage Extras” and click on “Update” beside Plex.

Sweet ! No SSH Commands to do … most interesting :slight_smile:

Is the latast version of Plex always available to download as soon as the Plex Team puts it up online ??

It took them a couple of days to post it this time.

Thx for the quick replys Tim :slight_smile:


Last question … how is HULU acting on the Plex client for AppleTV ??

Good performance ?

Sluggish ?

Broken ?