Please support HEVC videos to Chromecast

I’m using Chromecast with Google TV the latest version. It clearly supports HEVC, and most streaming services like netflix use HEVC for their files too. I could Chromecast all apps except Infuse with HEVC. There’s no limitation from Chromecast side so is there any reason for Infuse not supporting HEVC video casting! Please support it all the best movie , Anime etc nowadays in HEVC format!

Just FYI: I use pCloud as my cloud service and i just tried using MomoCast app to Chromecast the HEVC files and it actually worked! So we know for sure it’s not the fault from the Chromecast side. Please Infuse i love your app update it to support Chromecast HEVC. You guys have been saying you’ll update since atleast 2018!

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