Please solve this subtitles problem

I found a new problem caused tru the subtitles

For example

I'm playing Game.of.Thrones.S04E01.HDTV.x264-KILLERS.mp4 and (eng) from on my NAS or downloaded bij infuse

In the video the subtitles keep lagging and freezing and at about 55 min with subtitles on it keeps given an error and stops playing

without subs it plays like normal

i have this with other video's as well and all at the end  ( about 7 - 5 min left)


Please solve this problem its getting irritating


This problem is not new, ive reported it earlier but it seems they cannot reproduce the problem in order to fix them.

To me is exactly like you wrote. If i play everything without subtitles, everything works perfectly. As soon as i had the subtitles, sometimes they freeze, the movie stops near the and and always seems to stay loading, or from a NAS i gives me the error "there was a problem loading this content". All due to something with the subtitles.

My solution lately, watch it without subtitles, however not how i like it.


Same problem with Greek subs. Subs always freezing 

please fix this 


Same here in all sort of movies or tv series.. i always end up watching the rest of the movies on the ipad.. because the error only happens on airplay.

Portuguese subs

Please fix this

Have to tried watching without the subtitles? Does the same thing happens?

without subtitles it works until the end without a problem..

I've got a few crashes without subtitles to, also at the end 

Give today's 2.3 update a try. It includes some great new features, and quite a few fixes for some issues that have been reported.

Will try thanks

To bad, exactly the same problems as before

will the next version solve this irritating problem???

Yes this problem continues.

Sometimes theres also subtitles that stop, the movie continues then after a while they resume synced.

But in English it doesnt seem to happen.

For the purpose of troubleshooting sometimes there is a subtitle only with the gray underlay, its like a empty subtitle, shorty after that the issue appears.. 

its not as frustrating as the error above but it is annoing..

Keep up the good work, we are almost there.. 

I also had some other bugs, can you please see if any of these were reported.

Streaming from AirPort Extreme


  • If Pause with iPad in standby mode, when pressing Play I get the error "An error occurred loading this content."
  • With subtitles in a different file, with the same name and same folder, if subtitles are turned on after video has been loaded they will not show up, it's necessary to close and play video again and subtitles will work.
  • With subtitles enabled around 5-6min to the end of the movie the error "An error occurred loading this content.". In previous versions it was always around 50 sec, now it's worst. At this point, either turn subtitles off and video continues or it goes back to beginning and needs to be fast forward to the correct place. Usually it works as soon as I turn subtitles off, although I did have some situations that I had to finish the file on the iPad.
  • With subtitles turned off in movie settings, after the movie ends and continue playing automatically next movie, the settings for the subtitles stay off but subtitles appear. It's necessary to go to settings turn them on and off again for them to be off.
  • It also has happened to me, with subtitles embebbed in the video file, the video jumps back 1-3 seconds while the subtitles continue. After pulling the video back, they go back in sync but 5-6 min after the video jumps back again. This has happen more lately but i cant reproduce exactly when.

Thank you,