Please provide a working wake on lan functionality

Hi there,

Since I bought infuse and installed it on my Apple TV 4K, I’ve been having issues to get the app’s wake on lan functionality working. On my Apple TV, Infuse 5.6.3 is able to automatically wake up my windows 10 based home server when accessing a share. However it isn’t able to wake up my synology disk station 218+ from sleep.

During the weekend, I’ve experimented with various setups of my Apple TV and tested various apps that provide the wake on lan feature.

That’s what I’ve found out:

  • Infuse 5.6.3 isn’t able to wake up my synology Disk Station 218+ from sleep. It doesn’t matter if the nas’ drive is mounted via upnp/DLNA or via smp. Further, it doesn’t matter whether the Apple TV is connected via Ethernet or wireless. It simply doesn’t work.

  • I purchased the app “wol - wake on lan” by Martin Hettiger ( and installed it on my Apple TV. This simple app instantly managed to wake the synology from sleep. The only thing I had to do was to enter the MAC address of the nas.

  • Conclusion: Wake on lan works on the Apple TV, but is not properly implemented in infuse.

I would kindly ask the infuse developers to provide a working wake on lan functionality in one of the next updates of the app because this is a key feature for everyone who owns a Synology NAS.

Thank you.

Any chance you may have experienced a power outage where the Synology NAS lost power or was unplugged?

This issue doesn’t seem to affect all Synology owners so figuring out what the reasons are could be tricky.

Unfortunately, no power outage.

I figured out that Infuse, however, is not the only app on the Apple TV that has problems to wake up the synology. I’ve tested another wake on lan app called „UbiWoL“ ( on the Apple TV and that app wasn’t able to wake up the nas either.

So my guess is that infuse and that UbiWoL app implemented the wake up lan functionality in a different way than the app „WOL - wake on lan“ by Martin Hettiger. Perhaps, an infuse developer could contact Martin and ask him about the magic he did in his app to get it working with the synology. :slight_smile:

I would think using something like Wireshark to capture the packets set for WOL by Infuse and UbiWOL might shed some light on what they are doing differently.

Real servers dont sleep, in fact, real servers “cant” sleep by design in bios.

BTW, you are killing your drives spinning them up and down doing this in RAID assuming you running a simple 2 drive RAID.

I am able to wake up my server (its a debian 9 build), through a WoL windows gui program

from my windows desktop. Something to note is that I have a motherboard with 2 gigabit ethernet ports in a 802.3ad link aggregation config, and my wifi router (netgear r8500 (Fimrware v1.0.2.122) does support link aggregation. The WoL is setup with the primary mac address. So the issue is lying with Infuse 5 pro I believe which is on its latest version on ATV 4K at 11.4. The apple tv is also connected to the netgear with an ethernet cable. And my server has a fixed ip address.