Please Help with Flash in Couch Surfer...I'm soooo close

(I am currently running Apple TV firmware 2.3 and I used “atvusb-creator v1.0-b3” to patch my ATV)

I have combed these forums trying everything I’ve come across to get Flash working in Couch Surfer. I am basically just snagged at the final step when you move the CoreAudioKit.framework archive to the /System/Library/Frameworks folder.

I am unable to move the CoreAudioKit.framework archive directly to this folder (using Fugu, Trasmit, and Cyberduck) because I do not have the appropriate permissions and I cannot for the life of me get it to move from my Apple TV documents folder via terminal…which leads to my confession that I am NOT at all good with terminal, however I AM good at following instructions.

I came across these terminal commands on another forum…

[code]scp -1 -r ~/Desktop/CoreAudioKit.framework frontrow@AppleTV.local:~

ssh -1 frontrow@AppleTV.local

sudo mount -uw /

sudo mv ~/CoreAudioKit.framework /System/Library/Frameworks[/code]

I placed the CoreAudioKit.framework archive on my desktop and used these commands, but failed. I keep getting a message that says “Protocol major versions differ: 1 vs. 2” after the first line of code.

I am not sure if I am supposed to modify the code with my user account name or keep it as is…I’ve actually tried both to no avail.

So if there is anyone who can lend a helping hand to me, I would be very thankful. I was just hoping to find someone who can provide me with some simple instructions on how to do the terminal end of this.

Thank you!

You don’t use “ssh -1” anymore. You can drop the -1 from the commands, as the newest aTV Flash software uses ssh version 2 not and not version 1.

Thank you!!!

Dropping the -1 from that code did the trick! I finally got flash working.

I really appreciate your help!

I have managed to get the coreaudiokit.framework file into the right folder and my ATV says flash is installed, but it still gives me the little boxes instead of flash playing. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong ?



Did you run the Adobe Flash installer after moving in the CoreAudioKit? If you previously tried and it didn’t work the script that was run changes it to Adobe Flash Installed. But you can still run the script again if needed. If you moved the correct CoreAudioKit into the Documents folder just rerun the script.

I have the same problem and, Yes, I’ve tried to run the script again with no change. I’m using the CoreAudioKit.framework from the developer tools 10.4u SDK. I’m extracting the file and immediately zipping it then FTPing it to the atv ~Documents folder where I use the terminal to unzip the file. I run the script that now says “Flash Installed” and I get no change.

I’m wondering if I can delete any files on the atv that will let the script think Flash is NOT installed and will in turn do a better job of installing. (That sentence is pretty obscure for what should be a very exact process, but you get the point.) However, I have no idea what files to delete.

Okay, I’ve checked and I have CoreAudioKit.framework in the System/Library/Frameworks folder and the files in the CoreAudioKit.framework>Versions folder are dated around 1/3/06. Do those dates coincide with the dates of others who have gotten this to work?