Please help to get untethered jailbreak working

A I correct that using the latest seasonpass with an Apple TV 2 even with the latest firmware will work as it automatically installs a pre 5.2.1 firmware that should work untethered?
If so I have tried four times and each time it appears to be successfully but I get a black screen when I connect to the TV

Desperate for advise


5.2.1 is a TETHERED jailbreak…

I am not concerned about the version just want to get XBMC working on it untethered.

Is this possible?


As BigBite said the latest version 5.2.1 only has a tethered jailbreak at present.  You can view this link for previous firmwares that have an untethered jailbreak for them (

However, you can ONLY do this if you have done a jailbreak in the past on one of these firmware versions AND saved the corresponding firmware signatures(blob I think it’s called).  The reason for this is because Apple stop signing old versions of the firmware shortly after a new firmware release, and as part of the jailbreak requires your Apple TV to authenticate the signature with the Apple Servers.

Each firmware signature (blob) is unique to your device, so you can’t ask a friend to provide you a copy of their signatures.


Hope that makes sense.

Thanks, think I finally get it.
So I am stuck until an official untethered seasonpass comes out.
I take it its imminent?
Looks like it becomes available shortly after the tethered one. Unless this update is causing more than the usual hassle?

Oh no you dont

i manage to go back one step down, you can have alook at my post  if you wish ,

i was at 5.2.1 down to 4.4.2 and back yo 5.2.1 & down to 5.2

That almost certainly mans that you have blobs for the 5.2 release.  I have not heard of anyone successfully installing 5.2 who did not actually not have the blobs.   Many people who have used ATV Flash will have them even if they have not previously had 5.2 firmware on their ATV.   The ATV Flash signatures backup feature saves the shsh blobs for both the release that is installed on the ATV and also any other releases that Apple is still signing.   Therefore as long as you used this feature while Apple was still signing 5.2 you would have ended up with the 5.2 blobs.

well i have no blobs so am screwed

annoyingly i started with 4.2.2 and latest seasonpass after which i had the black screen and only updated it to get it working again

NO i do not have blobs previously saved 

i just use the downloaded cydia blobs of 5.2 10b144B to go down one step

Which means you have saved blobs!!!  You can save your blobs to the cydia server as an option of certain vendor jalibreaks, rather than to your own hard drive.  Regardless, those blobs are ones you previously saved whether you were aware you were saving them or not, and are still unique to your device’s eCID #

So like myself if you have no saved blobs whether on hard drive or the Cydia server, and your ATV2 is presently on 5.2.1 there is no way to do a untethered jailbreak.  Only a tethered one is available.

As far i can remember i did saved 1 blobs for older version  

5.1   ios 6.0 Sundance 10A406e

using the 3rd party program but that was 1 year ago

DO you think that was the reason i can go down to 5.2 after accidentally restored to 5.2.1?

Both iFaith and Cydia servers will backup your blobs based on the jailbreak vendor.  So if you were able to get hold of the relevant blob, then I can only imagine you happened to have the correct blob (firmware signature) for the firmware you wanted to downgrade to.  As I said before your signature (blob) IS SPECIFIC TO YOUR DEVICE ONLY (ECID #).

So in short you happened to have the correct firmware saved blobs, and I’m very jealous :slight_smile:

Based On explanation above Cavey can it  also mean that If somebody does not have their previous  blobs saved according to their whatever version they firstly have on their Atv2 &  then if Somebody also started upgrading  to the latest original Stock Apple  5.2.1 firmware & from there decided to use ifaith to save the 5.2.1 blobs to cydia server , then it can mean that the ifaith will shows available caches on server will also show the 5.2.1 blobs , 5,2 blobs and  a few more or will not show anything?

If it does show several firmware blobs  then the unthethered JB is then possible . pls correct me

Hi Blockhead, basically you can only save your blobs if you have jailbroken the firmware you happen to be on.  For example, lets say you are on firmware 4.4.4.  Then you could save your 4.4.4 blob (firmware signature) by using say…  ATV Flash.  It will save the blob (that is unique to your device only) either on your PC, iFaith server, or Cydia server (forgive me, I don’t know where ATV Flash actually saves the blob to).  Anyway, what this means is if you accidentally updated your firmware to 5.2.1 (which would be stock, and back to non jailbroken) you would have an opportunity to revert to 4.4.4 firmware only.  You would download the latest seasonpass, choose the 4.4.4 from the dropdown, it would locate you blob automatically.  Give it sometime, and you would be back to a jailbroken Apple TV running 4.4.4.  You couldn’t choose a different firmware version, as the blob you saved related specifically to 4.4.4 (That is what I believe, based on the extensive reading I’ve done).

Unfortunately I updated my ATV2 to 5.2.1 before I ever considered jailbreaking it.  So as a consequence, I have no saved blobs, and subsequently can’t do any untethered jailbreaks :(((

Hi Cavey ,

did you manage to save your 5.2.1 blobs with ifaith?

To be honest buddy I haven’t bothered trying, as I only want to use an untethered jailbreak.  I may download AirParrot to publish XBMC (installed on my pc) to the Apple TV, and just wait patiently for the untethered jailbreak.

If however you have managed to save the 5.2.1 blobs and somehow downgraded your ATV to 5.2 (or other firmware without other firmware saved blobs) untethered jailbreak, I would be most interested.  I just don’t want to brick it, or put it in an infinite loop, as my son uses it via home sharing to watch all our iTunes movies.  I think my wife would kill me!

Quick question for you guys…just to clear this up…if someone still has a 5.2 ATV2…is it still possible to do an untethered jailbreak somehow?  If so…how?  It seems Seas0npass grabs the most current firmware and forces you to upgrade making it a tethered jailbreak.  This is assuming the 5.2 ATV2 was never jailbroken before.

I belive you can.

There is a sticky post at the top of the JB forums where firecore has a beta SB release which has iFaith embedded.  What does it do?  Glad you asked!

If you are currently running a release on your ATV2 like 5.2 which is listed as UNTETHERED (4th post or so on the JB forum here), then that version of SB will dump your SHSH blobs from your device directly, store them, and then use them again to JB with the same release.  So theoretically you should be able to JB 5.2 without having to upgrade/downgrade.

EDIT: Go here -

Otherwise you could do exactly the same thing yourself, but that’s an entirely separate procedure on another post somewhere, but you can try the beta version first.  It’s what I would do.

EDIT - was referring to this post.  Very manual, but would recommend the Beta above instead of this… but should still be viable.

Good Luck.

That’s like the most valuable and informative post on this whole forum…thanks dude!