please help me

i have a simply question 

i´m germany , syr my english are bad , please help me 


  1. my Apple TV is updatet with the new iOS 5.0 /4.4 version ok you undersand ? 

  2. can i jailbreack NOW with the seas0npass   YES OR NO ???can i go back to the jailbreack 4.3 version yes or no ??


did i make this i have some error… i dont can restore the seasonpass file the make error(2005) 

i think i dont can go back to the jailbreack i think i need a new seasonpass right ?? 


but james told me i can go back ??? i dont understand now wahts right whats no right ??



  1. Understood
  2. No and No (unless u have saved your Shsh blobs)

You will have to wait for the new season pass, which will be out when it’s ready :slight_smile: prob couple weeks at the earliest (guessing)…


For those who have already updgraded to AppleTV 4.4. Seas0npass is still working, it just downgrades to 4.3. I did it just now Oct 16 2011 12:54pm Australia EST. It did take me ages as I kept getting error 1600, 20 etc. When I eventually got it working I had put it into DFU mode before running seas0npass. Only had USB cable plugged in and did it by pressing down + menu until it does a fast flash, then pressing menu + play/pause till it does a fast flash. Then run seas0npass and follow directions.