Please help me with ATV2!

I am not sure where to begin but I hope I can explain my situation well.


Currently have an ATV2 that is slow blinking and nothing shows on the screen after the apple logo disappears.  The problems started with the ATV2 on version 4.3 i think, possibly 4.4, and Netflix and Airplay stopped working so i thought maybe i should upgrade to the 5.0.2 version i have jailbroken on my second ATV2.  I updated the problem ATV2 but didn’t realize it was jumping to 5.2.1.  I have now attempted a few different processes with Seas0npass but i have not been able to get the ATV2 working.  I attempt to right click on the Create IPSW icon and select 4.3 (8f305) and it goes through the process to download and create IPSW.  When it opens iTunes and attempts restore i get the error that restore failed error 3194. PLEASE someone guide me in the right direction to get this device working with whatever version of iOS will allow me to jailbreak again.


Is it possible to backup my working ATV2 w/ 5.0.2 and restore that to the non-working ATV2?

You can’t go back without saved SHSH blobs.

I would suggest you to check by using iFaith first, see if there are blobs saved on Cydia. If you don’t see any, then you’re stuck with 5.2.1 and a tethered JB is your only option now.


Bigbite, can i get the SHSH blobs from my other ATV2?


I downloaded iFaith 1.5.8 and if i did it right it shows no Blobs available from Cydia for my device.  Any other options there? 


Also, you said i might be stuck with 5.2.1, I can’t even get the ATV to boot after the apple logo is on the screen so how can i get 5.2.1 on the device?

Unfortunately no. SHSH blobs are unique to each device so you’re out of luck.

The problem you’re having (ATV will not boot) sounds like you didn’t tether boot it? Jailbreaking 5.2.1 requires a tethered boot.

Ok, i attempted the tethered boot from Seas0npass and it says it is successful with instructions to remove usb and plug in HDMI. I do this but i don’t get anything on my tv screen.  When i press Menu and down to restart the ATV i get the Apple logo and then back to the blank screen with a slow blink on the ATV.

OK, I believe MENU + DOWN is like a hard reset, similar to unplugging the power cord.

When you do that, you have to tethered boot it again.

Why don’t you redo the jailbreak again. First restore the device using iTunes then follow the instructions on this video:


Thanks Bigbite for your help.  I was able to do a factory restore to 5.2.1 inside iTunes after removing some host files.  I then did the jailbreak again and was successful with a tethered boot.  I greatly appreciate your help.


I hope to see an untethered boot for 5.2.1 soon but when i do, is there a way to switch to that jailbreak without losing my XBMC setup as that is a few hours of setup i’d like to avoid.


Thanks again!

Glad to know it worked out for you!

I think the easiest way to backup your XBMC settings is to use Filezilla (free FTP client software) and SSH into it.

1- under Filezilla, open File -> Site Manager
2- click New Site, enter the ATV2’s IP in Host, enter 22 for Port
3- set Protocol to SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
4- set Logon Type to Normal
5- enter root for User and alpine for password
6- click OK to save and open it again and press Connect

You might get a warning for unknown host key, just click OK.

Now, here is how you save the settings…
Navigate your way to /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC and grab everything you want to backup. When you want to restore to a newly jailbroken ATV2, just SSH into again and copy the backup t replace the default settings (choose Overwrite all).

However, some addons will require you to install the repo again. I can’t remember what they are, but if you get an error, just download and install the repo again.