Please help me find the right username and password

I can’t connect my iMac to the Infuse app on my Apple TV. I get the famous “username/password combination incorrect”. Can you please check out the screenshots and see what is the right username and password I should enter so it will finally connect? Thank you so much!

By the looks of it, you are having Infuse connect to your iMac therefore the correct username and pw should be what you use to logon to your iMac.

In recent versions of macOS the device name setting has gotten a little bit buggy, and doesn’t always stay in sync in the relevant locations where it is used.

You may check/adjust the device name found in the Wi-Fi (or Ethernet if you are using that) settings page as shown here.

If that doesn’t work, you can try using the IP address shown on the Mac’s File Sharing settings page instead of the device name. Note: The Mac’s IP address can change from time to time so if you use this it’s best to ensure the Mac has a static IP address. This can be done in the Mac’s networking settings or in your router’s settings (router settings is preferable).

Thank you! I tried my mac login username and password and it didn’t work :frowning:

Thank you so much! so AMIR would be the username? and the password would be what? see screenshot please

The name shown there would be the device address.

The username and password would be the pair used to log in to your Mac.

As a quick test, you may try creating a share in Infuse using the IP address (the one shown on the File Sharing settings page on your Mac). You can create a share using this by selecting the ‘Other…’ option found under the list of Available Shares in Infuse. This will allow you to enter the address details manually.

It doesn’t work :confounded:

Assuming you know and use the correct password to log into your iMac, I would delete and recreate an Infuse SMB share. First set the iMac to have a static IP, then recreate the SBM share using the ip address, your iMac username and your iMac password. Change Using DCHP to DHCP with Manual address, and punch in the address you want: example

Solved! thank you so much!

What was the solution so that others may benefit from what you found?

Actually I found out that the username is the exact name inside “/users” and for some reason it was different than my account name on the mac login screen…

In conclusion, after enabling the file sharing on your mac - “name” would be your user folder’s name inside “/users” and the “password” would be your login password. Very simple actually :slightly_smiling_face:.

Appreciate your help guys!



Often times it will work both ways (username or full name) but I’m glad you were able to get it working.