*please help me..ATV 1 gift for my brother in Iraq**

Hello everyone and thank you very much for taking your time to read my post help. My name is Trina and I recently purchased a used atv1 and I’m trying to surprise my brother that is coming back home from Iraq with a awesome Jailbroken atv1…anyways to make it short I google how to jail break it and told me to download ATVcreator stick for USB and my firmware is a 3.0.2. Well everything downloaded fine but when I follow the prompt to install the software onto the device the ATV doesn’t do anything at all… It just boots to the regular screens. I even held the menu and - button as well. When it asked for the firmware it just gave me a option of 3.0.1 but it says it should work w 3.0.2. It seems like my USB in the ATV is not reading the USB?? Or am I doing something wrong? Am I suppose to enable the USB in the back to read this?? Thank you guys very much and any help will be greatly appreciated. God bless… Trina


ATV Flash silver is the one you need to look at on here, but it will only install the eden version of XBMC which is out of date and not very well supported anymore, your best bet is to look into a linux version to install over the hard drive, openelec works brilliant for ATV1.