PLEASE HELP - FTP connection failed

Hi all,
after I’ve read several threads and tutorials I must confess that this is just too complicated to me.
I bought a hacked Apple TV (V 3.0.1) with Boxee and XMBC. Everything works fine but I’m not able to get a FTP/SFTP connection with Cyberduck or Terminal.
I tried “appletv.local” AND the same with the IP address, but without any success. I always get the following error message:

Cyberduck: Network Error: Connection failed. Connection refused
Terminal: ssh: connect to host appletv.local port 22: Connection refused

I’m afraid that SSH is not executable.

How can I find out if SSH is enabled on my Apple TV and my Macbook?

Please help me.

Thanks a lot.


I am having a similar issue. Unable to connect via FTP. The AppleTV is connected to my Apple Extreme wirelessly and my Mac Mini is connected to the AE via Ethernet. Thank You

Does your AppleTV have aTV Flash installed, or just XBMC/Boxee? Do you see a ‘Maintenance’ menu?

I’m having the same problem and have read loads of treads and cannot find a solution.

Have ATV and aTV Flash, all up to date software. When I try transferring movies (HiDEF) by the time it gets to 2.6GB it cuts out and says: connection failed something about a null reply. If I read through the report it mentions not enough space when I know theres loads!

So right now I have resorted to copying everything back to my computer and am going to re format the external HD.

If anyone has advice please help. I’m wreaking my head with it now!!

What disk are you FTPing to? Is it a USB disk formatted in FAT32? Is it the internal disk?

If internal disk, try a different FTP client, like muCommander (OSX), Total Commander (Windows), Gnome Commander (Linux).
If external USB disk in FAT32 format, you will need to format it in a different filesystem the AppleTV can read/write to, like HFS+. FAT32 is limited to 2GB in filesizes.

You also will want to ensure the files are being copied to the external drive (located inside the Movies folder). Files placed just in the Movies folder will be stored on the internal drive, so space will start to become an issue.

so i shouldnt copy the files into the movies folder but the external folder in the movies file?

I know cannot see the apple menu. I copied all my movies back to my computer over night and then formated the external hard drive this morning and when i restarted the apple tv and inserted the external hard drive once the apple opening logo and short video clip comes on the screen stays black!

Did you have the drive setup as primary storage?

I think I did. I have just resorted to formatting the external HD and factory restoring the apple tv and re installing atv flash and since this morning I have been copying the files back across using Transit instead of Cyberduck. so far so good, been keeping an eye on the process via screen sharing in work. so touch wood it will finish with no errors!!

Got it all back up and running cheers for the advice. There’s only one slight problem. It’s not a big one but its a little irritating! Since I synced all my movies and tv shows back no images appear for the tv shows even though they did before. The only image that appears is the old school “station off air” coloured strips.

Any advice?

Transmit works great!