Please help "Error entering DFU mode: not supported by Season pass"

Hi All,

         Im really struggling with this and the youtube video’s are just pissing me off with their lies of automation!!

Every time i create a ISPW in DFU mode, it completes then shows the messege “Error entering DFU mode: This device is not supported by Season pass”,  can anyone suggest any answers?

also, the seccond problem i have is that my Micro USB cable cannot power my ATV unless the power cable is also connected, i have tried 2 seperate cables with the same problem.


Many thanks in advance.



well, if the only way to get the power light on is with the powwer cable I am sorry to tell you this you have a gen 3 apple tv and not a 2. it can’t be jail broken, sorry

i really dont think it is the 3 i have had it for about a year?


okay, the gen 3 came out march 2012 and besides turn it over and look at the fist line near the bottom it will read model A1427

MotherF****r!  Thank you Robby thats saved me loads of time


you are welcome