Please help - can't jailbreak apple tv2

I hope someone can help me as I am totally lost!!

I have been been trying to jailbreak my apple tv2. It currently has the following software according to the settings:

Model: MD199B/A

Apple Software: 6.1.1 (6698.99.19)

I have loaded Season Pass for windows and have done the following: 

1. Clicked create IPSW

2. Connected usb and power as it won't work unless I do. I have then discinfected the power.

3. On request I then have tried to put it into DFU mode. I have connected to usb and power, held the comvination of menu and down and then menu and play.


I then get the following message 'Error entering DFU mode: the device is not supported by Seas0nPass'


Im sorry to tell, you have a 3rd gen based on the model youve stated. 

Well I guess that explains it then! I was sure it was atv2 I've had it ages! 

Guessing ill have to wait for the JB or just buy am android box.

cheera for the help