PLEASE HELP!!! Apple TV picture with ??? on top.

HI, I think I’m in big trouble!!! perhaps somebody can help me.

Last week I bought the ATV Flash 3.2. It worked fine for a couple of days and although I am having a lot restarts!!! the aTV was a very nice addition. A few hours ago my wife just shout!!! “I cannot use the aTV and there is an interrogation on top of an Apple TV picture in the middle of the screen”.

I unplug and plugged it again and work fine but after four minutes it stop responding and the light is blinking in yellow. I restart it again and asked me what language to choose and finally asked me for either a restart, run diagnostics or to do complete factory restore.

I proceed to a factory restore but after a while the aTV resets and again is the picture of the aTV with the interrogation mark on top.

I worked perfectly fine until I installed the aTV flash 3.2. Any ideas of what do I need to do???

Please help, I use the aTV for all my children videos and my wife is going to Kill ME!!! HELP!!! Thanks.

What version of Apple TV software are you running? The 3.2 version is only compatible with the 2.1 version of the Apple TV software.

Please PM us the name the order was under, and we can make sure you have the latest version.

I installed the latest Apple Version. Actually, I followed the aTV instructions and before I place the USB key I updated the Apple TV to the latest revision which I think it is 2.1.

Today, I tried again but the factory restore is saying that it cannot restore the Apple TV :frowning: My order number is 4172 ordered on July 31st.

My apple TV is completely dead? Can I save it? I really appreciate your help. worst case scenario what I have to do?

Thanks a lot.

Does your Apple TV have an upgraded hard drive by chance?

Nope. It has the original drive. and I thought the same thing, possibly the drive went bad but why just after two days of installing the aTV flash??? Thanks.

Ok. When we’ve seen this problem before, it has always been related to a bad hard drive, or an upgraded hard drive that was not installed correctly.

If you want to send your unit in to us, we can take a look at it at no cost. Just send us an email or PM if you would like to do this.

YES!!! I can send the unit to you guys, Please just give me the details :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

applecorellc customer service FTW!