Please help! 21:9 Movies stretched to 16:9

Hi all, I’m having a real strange effect here. Since today, I have all 21:9 movies stretched to 16:9. Netflix and vlc is ok.
Also, one 3D iso movie plays back correct. I restarted the atv. No improvement.
My infuse version is 6.1.5
My tvOS is 12.4.1

But the other atv 4K that I have, is still running on 12.4. No problems on this one.
Ok, what is the Solution?

Many thx, Gregor

Do you have the zoom option enabled?

If so, disabling this (or changing the Aspect Ratio option) should avoid this issue.

Dear James, that was it. I don’t know, how this was switched on.
Or maybe, yes. I used my old mediator to watch a 3D movie, and I noticed, that the atv reacted partially to the mediator remote, till I switched it off and placed something in front of it.
I guess, it must have happened this way.
Anyway thanks again :slight_smile:
Solved !
Greets, Gregor.

“Aspect Ratio” can be work with compressed rip file, but not with 1:1 blu-ray rip because picture with as top and below black bars.
So please add zoom function. Thank you.

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