Please give us an alternative to TMDB

switching to TMDB for TV shows is for me a bad decision.
The Mods on TMDB behave like they are gods and that their rules are the only truth on earth.

TvDB or list the classic Tom & Jerry Cartoons from the 1940th to 1960th as TV show, and they are nicely grouped as such.

TMDB list all those 5 minute cartoons as individual movies, and because of their infallible rules, they can not be grouped in a collection.

Are are many more examples, the Eastrail 177 Trilogy for example from M. Night Shyamalan. Even the maker of the films Unbreakable, Split and Glass says that they are a trilogy. But the rules on TVDB do not allow to group them in a collection.

And creating a playlist manually on Infuse is not the solution for me, especially regarding the Tom & Jerry Catroons. because I don’t what to have over 100 cartoon clips scatterd in my Library. Lists and Collections where on the roadmap of Infuse for a long time, but they have disappeard. Why?

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