Please fix the subtitles!

Why don’t we get any reply from admin regarding any coming updates to the subtitles?! Many people are requesting it to be fixed so we can get better readable subtitles.
The moderators just forwards us to an old post (back to 2016 !!) in suggestions section. And there is no comment from admins in that post too.
And all the upcoming updates listed doesn’t include anything about subtitles.
Do we have to buy infuse 6 to get we want?

Please don’t forward me to the suggestion post again.


Any reply please?

It sounds like you are already aware, but there is an existing topic in the suggestions area and this is currently one of the top rated suggestions.

We recently reorganized the suggestions area so the more popular suggestions appear first, which allows us to see which features people are most interested in. Since this feature has a relative high number of votes, it’s something we have on our radar to look into.

I think you should take into account that while subtitles are not relevant to all users, it is all the more important for us who use them. I’m Norwegian, but 90 percent of the movies I see are American. I always have subtitles turned on.

The major streaming services, like iTunes and Netflix, have this feature. This also applies to the four major services in Norway (NRK, Sumo, Viaplay and DPlay). Not for no reason. When you switch from these to Infuse, you really notice the huge impact it has on readability. It’s like night and day.

This should be a no brainer for the world’s best app for streaming local content. It should be added soon. «On the radar» is too slow?

That is the main reason for my topic… delaying the update for subtitles fix! At least let us use the same subtitles as apple tv, plex also use apple tv subtitles style.

Thanks James for the reply, we hope it will be fixed soon… or you can just make infuse use the same subs style as apple tv. Plex also use them as default.

Thanks again.

I think the current subtitles are perfect.

I will not argue against your personal taste, but “perfect” in this context certainly does not mean good readability, whitch is what other users have asked for.

It is an objective fact that contrast increases readability. On a light or white background, Infuses subtitles will simply be either difficult to read or completely invisible.

It goes without saying that this is far from optimal.

I reckon this feature can be designed to be optional.

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Sure, it is personal preference. I just prefer the subtitles to be as unobtrusive as possible in order not to attract focus from the movie. A solid/semi transparent background, would make them much more noticeable.

But, as long as it would be optional, I have no problems :wink:

For me are ok as they are and I use light grey color.

I agree. Subtitles are an Accessibility feature. They stop being that if they aren’t 100% readable at all times.

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