Please fix iCloud sync on Mac OS once and for all

This is becoming incredibly annoying to the point where I don’t see the use case for this app any more. Sync between Apple TV and Mac simply does not work. The Mac app doesn’t remember anything that went on in the Apple TV app and because the Mac app is broken, what happens on it doesn’t reflect on the Apple TV app.


There are a handful or reasons why iCloud Sync may not work as expected.

The upcoming 7.5.3 release will show better messaging here so you can get more insight on to why it is actually failing (missing iCloud account, out of space, etc…).

You can follow this thread for updates.

Luckily I seldom use Infuse on my MacBook but iCloud sync has never worked and i’ve never been able to figure out why, even stranger as within my same network it works fine for two ATV’s and 2 iPhones.

Looked at the firewall on the mac and the privacy settings but it doesnt seem to work what ever I do, iCloud is logged in on my mac too without issue, strange issue this one.