Please fix BDMV playback

Not sure how long BDMV playback has been broke using Infuse but it needs to be fixed. Any idea if this is being looked at or in the works?

A few more details may help expedite what you’re asking.

What exactly are you seeing that constitutes “Broke”? Error messages, crashes, spinning wheels, etc.

What device?

What OS version?

What version number of Infuse?

Seeing the eternal spinning wheel.
What device? iPad

What OS version? Latest OS

What version number of Infuse? Latest version

What model?

Which is what version number?

Model # of iPad is MR7F2LL/A
OS is 16.6
Infuse version 7.6.3

First thing to try is updating your iPadOS to OS17 since Infuse had several optimizations for 17.

Yep, doing that right now. Will let you know the results.

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@NC_Bullseye update of OS complete and tried to play a UHD bluray BDMV and the movie will play but ONLY after waiting for like about 30 secs of the spinning wheel.

Could you post the results of a speed test in Infuse and a pic of the graph?

Let the speed test run at least 50% but preferably 100%

@NC_Bullseye figured out what was causing the eternal spinning wheel when trying to play BDMV movie files. If Infuse is trying to index, pull metadata, etc at the same time you are trying to play a BDMV movie, it will sit and spin.

Interesting. It should pause all metadata functions when attempting playback but maybe something specific with BDMV

If you see this again, would you mind sending in a report from your device and posting the code here?

Is there currently an issue with Infuse playing BDMV when using Emby on the backend?

BDMV playback from Emby/Jellyfin is not currently supported.

You can follow this thread for updates.