Please add to Library "from Favourit location"


I’m using Infuse Pro on the Apple TV 4k and I must say that it works verry well so far. Just would like to add my Movies and TV-Shows from the Infuse Library as Favourites from on the Start screen, just that there is no entry in the library to show for example All Movies from the Favourite “Kids Movies”. Then I would have an entry on the Startscreen to Kidsmovies and to my Movies streight to the Library. Normal Favourites (non Library) af course work.

Would it be possible to add this filter in the Library so we can add the Library version of the Favourites?

Currently I’m manually tagging the movies and add a Genre like “parents” and “kids” and then add that from Library as a Favourite on the Startscreen.

Would really help if that filter is implemented in the Infuse Library.

Thank you so much for the great support. Appritiate any feedback :slight_smile: