Plea to developer - implement folder structure

Proud purchaser of lifetime sub and subscription owner on my wife’s account (so I can support the product and company). I’ve been using Infuse Pro now and really enjoying it but there is one thing that is really hurting the user experience!

For Plex & Jellyfin viewing through Infuse, there doesn’t seem to be any folder support. I arrange my shows in folders and playing videos through Plex or Jellyfin shares seem to just lump everything into 1 folder making it very cumbersome to scroll through. Searching the forum it sounds like this has been requested time and time again but it’s 2022 and I can’t seem to figure out a way to do it. Both Jellyfin and Plex apps do support folder structure with their native clients.

Please someone tell me I am doing something wrong. I like arranging my movies in folders and don’t want to change that unless there’s some very compelling reason to do so. Infuse devs, please, please implement this. It’s a glaring design omission to what is otherwise a gorgeous interface.

Thank you!

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