Playlists not syncing in iCloud

I have four playlists on my ATV but only two of them show up in the Mac alpha. When I make changes to the ones that show up, they are not reflected on the Apple TV. If I try to create a new playlist on Mac, it does not appear on the ATV either.

Are other details (watched history, ratings, etc…) syncing to/from the Mac or other devices?

Can you check to ensure Infuse Pro is enabled on the other device(s)?

Are you using the same Apple ID?

Is iCloud Drive enabled in System Preferences > iCloud (on Mac) and on other devices?

Hi James, thanks for your reply.

Other details are syncing: metadata corrections for instance, and watched history. Same Apple ID, Infuse Pro. iCloud Drive is enabled.

It appears I spoke too soon. Metadata corrections are not syncing after all. I have a bunch of things corrected on the Mac and nothing showing up on the ATV.

I used AppCleaner to wipe Infuse completely, then reinstalled it on the Mac. The metadata corrections I made still show up, suggesting they’ve been committed to iCloud, but they are not appearing on my ATV.

Where are these files stored?

Is the same share being used on Apple TV and Mac, or are the files stored locally on your Mac and imported into Infuse (or present in the Movies folder).

They’re on an SMB share on the same LAN as both devices.

Let me know if I can provide any other diagnostic information that would be helpful. Thanks for your assistance.

Ok, here’s the story.

Alpha 12 uses a new iCloud structure. Unfortunately, this means the 7.0 alpha builds on macOS will no longer sync with Infuse 6.x for iOS/tvOS. Syncing should start working again once 7.0 for iOS/tvOS become available on the App Store.

If you like, you can sign up to start testing 7.0 on iOS/tvOS here.

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Thanks for the resolution. Don’t want to compromise the stability of my setup so will wait for 7.0 final! When it comes out, what steps should I take to reconcile the differing iCloud data?

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