Playlists Love

The new playlist feature is awesome, Love it, what would be it even better was if you can make multiple Playlists Appear visually like collections and pick the cover art for each list. (I know I am never satisfied)

Keep up the great work it just get better and better!

It is wonderful even if it is for now a bit rudimentary. I’ve used it on iOS & ipadOS and its very helpful. I can’t find my playlist on the Apple TV, any idea where it should show up there?

Library > Playlists

Is there other way to see custom playlists quickly (into Infuse’s main window) rather than : “Infuse’s main window / Library / playlists / my_own_playlists” ?

You can add them to the main screen as either a Favourite or a list

Thank you

May I add a folder into playlist ?


I too would like to know about adding folders to a playlist. As an example, i would like to create a playlist called New Seasons. So shows that have returned are all grouped together. I created a new playlist and added the folder, but the playlist then shows each file individually. So a very cluttered screen.