Playlists for YouTube

It would be great if we were able to access our “Playlists” in out YouTube accounts so we could use Apple TV for continuous viewing of our favorite videos. Watching Youtube videos on my TV was probably the main reason for purchasing Apple TV but was sadly disappointed with the clumsiness of watching my favouite videos one after the other.

There is a minimum of three clicks required to go to the next track in the “Favourites” list, and four if you stop before the end of the video. This is the best case scenario as it is unlikely that the next video you want is either above or below the current track being played as the order in Apple TV is dictated by when you originally Favorited the track.

Maybe there is an alternative whereby you can create the actual playlist you want from within Apple TV itself. I am sure this is possible and I really think it needs to be done if this is to be the bastion of media players that it claims to be. We are well into the multimedia age and we moved on from just listening to music in the 80’s when MTV was introduced. It’s 30 years later and think it is time that apps used to play music and videos caught up with what people want.

What a cool party you could have if you could have a continuous music videos streaming from the internet and playing on your huge TV. I know the time will come and better sooner than later.

I have just had a thought. Is it possible to watch Youtube videos in “Full Screen” mode in the Firefox app on Apple TV with decent quality? If this so than all of my ranting above is redundant as you would obviously be able to watch your Playlists seamlessly through said browser. However you may still get the annoying pop up ads at the bottom of the videos. This is one feature of watching Youtube videos through Apple TV that I like as you don’t get them through the “YouTube” menu. I am waiting on the delivery of a mini wireless keyboard with inbuilt trackball so I will let you know when it arrives. All may not be lost yet!