Playlists empty

Hello :slight_smile:
I just recently got my Ipad replaced and after the infuse scanning I noticed all my playlists on Apple TV (and other devices) all of a sudden was empty. I use playlists my own Collection lists for movies. For instance all MCU movies in the same list.
Everything else seems to be as it should series are correct, watched items seems correct etc.

Before I start the work of making the lists again I would like to know if there are any specific reason why this might have happened? Any reason I should not use playlists as my own collections?

Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:


I have had a problem of playlists losing entries and just yesterday sent an email to re-open a previous report as I had just had this occur to me within hours of adding to a playlist.

I suggest that you send a diagnostic report from all your iOS/ tvOS devices running Infuse. Supports previously suggested that it may be a synchronisation issue between devices.

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Ok thank you :slight_smile: will try that when I can :slight_smile:

So ill wait a bit with adding to my playlists again :slight_smile:

Same here

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Just throwing my hat in the mix as I’m having a similar problem. I’ve populated my playlists a few times on my ATV4 and they’ve disappeared after every time. Sometimes they last a few hours, sometimes a few days, but eventually they lose all the movies within them.

I don’t lose the playlists themselves (I still see “MCU”, “Christmas”, etc) but when I go to them they are empty and therefore disappear from the home page as well.

Not totally sure what’s going on, I’m hoping somebody knows the fix or what I’m doing wrong…

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I assume you have more than 1 iOS/tvOS device running Infuse synchronzing via iCloud

Submit a diagnostic report from all your iOS/tvOS devices with Infuse installed. It it likely to be some synchronisation issue between devices and the more reports FireCore have to analyse the more likely they will be able to work out what is going wrong.

Due to the background sync feature recently added, even if your are not actively running infuse it can still sync which is why even if you are not actively running infuse on a device it can still be involved; hence why I say send a report from all devices with Infuse installed.

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I’ll submit a report, thanks for the reply! I have it on ATV4 and iOS so it sounds like you may be onto it with the syncing issue…

Out of curiosity, in the meantime can I just delete the app off my iOS device? Would that fix the issue on my ATV4?

I’ve never had this issue before I bought an iPad and installed Infuse on it.

I too have movies disappearing from my “Christmas Movies” list. Thought I was going crazy… I knew I had added some of these movies to my list previously.

Sorry for the trouble.

If this happens for you in 6.2.4, can you drop us a quick report from your device (Settings > Submit Diagnostics) so we can look into this? You can post the 5 digit code here.

I hate this app so much. I spent 4 hours on the weekend trying to figure out why my playlists were not syncing. I tried everything and eventually I think the issue was that my default AppleTV user wasn’t using my main iCloud login… even though the account I WAS using WAS using the correct iCloud login.

So I finally got that fixed but then yesterday I got a new MacBook Air M1 and had to add the new share and my playlists are all still there… but they’re all EMPTY!

I just spent over an hour to sign out of iCloud / AppleID on every MacBook, iPhone, iPad and AppleTV that I own and then sign back in (8 devices) and the playlists are STILL empty. Years worth of playlist entries just… gone.

So after more experimenting I think I know what happened. When I moved the external drive from my old MacBook to my new MacBook I (naturally) deleted the old Share from the Infuse app on my AppleTV and created a NEW Share for the external drive connected to the NEW MacBook.

So I had a thought. The app was only ever on my iPad and my AppleTV. So I thought maybe if I delete the app from my AppleTV and wipe and restore the iPad from an OLD iCloud backup (from before I deleted the share) that might fix my missing Playlist entries. Just tried that and thankfully there was ONE iCloud backup for the iPad from a week before this happened. Just finished that restore and… the playlist entries are back!

Still… if the problem was in fact from deleting the share when I moved my shared drive from my old Mac to my new Mac (instead of keeping the share in the app and then just fixing the connection so it would point to the new Mac) the app really should warn you that deleting the Share is going to wipe out your iCloud synced data. If that’s what happened… as I suspect.