Playlists are not updating with Plex sync. Must manual refresh

Hey! I run Infuse off my Plex server. The playlist updating stopped working. I have to manually refresh each playlist for something new to pop up. This is concerning because my home page is powered by the playlists (because collections default to release date asc sort). I like to have playlists like Trakt Trending and set it to random.

The playlists were automatically updating. But, they stopped. I have to hold down select and manually refresh them. The library itself is updating automatically. It’s just the playlists. It says the sync on playlists is from 2 days ago. Otherwise it says pending.

What can I do? Latest version of Infuse. Latest Plex. Restarted both and the Apple TV.

Still same issue

Again no resolution to the issue. It persists.

I’m not sure if design intent or bug… I have a Plex smart playlist. One of the filters is played status… so that when I watch the movie it automatically removes from the list. The smart playlist only updates if I go to library, playlists, and long click and press on refresh. I would think when infuse updates in the background one of the things it does is refresh the playlists so it updates automatically. The same thing happens if I add a movie to the playlist via Plex… that playlist doesn’t auto update in infuse unless I specifically long click and press refresh.

Hey @james I wasn’t aware there was a post already about this. Is this a known issue that’s being worked on?

Is there another post about this?

I have to do the same thing with my plex smart playlists in Infuse. Which sucks cause it was working at first. For maybe a month. Nothing got tinkered with or changed. It just stopped working.

I take my smart playlists on Plex and put them on shuffle. So in Infuse I can pin them to my home screen cause collections in Infuse ONLY sort by release order ascending instead of a shuffle or anything more usable.

Doesn’t seem like the update fixes this :pensive:

Is there any update on this? I’m Nit sure why playlists wouldn’t automatically be updated when I open infuse. Everything else is updating…?