Playlists and Shuffle play (Infuse Pro)?

+1000 this is the only thing I need in order to ditch the Plex app completely.

+1 seems like such a simple thing to add and it’s been wanted for years. Posts from as far back as 2016 requesting it.

It’s literally the ONLY reason I keep Plex installed on my Apple TV. I only ever use Infuse for watching movies, and that’s way less frequent than TV shows for me. This is all I really want from Infuse right now and can’t find any sort of dev response about it.

I love Infuse and use it every single day, but one of my biggest frustrations with it has always been the lack of a shuffle option.

This is a feature that I loved in Plex. I think being able to shuffle through random episodes of a season or even a whole show would be an amazing feature to have as an option.


Yes Please. I hope there is even a work around to make this work, my biggest need for infuse at the moment.

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Need this!

Add playlist and recently played list

Thx James :slight_smile:

James, the upcoming features post for version 6.1 includes custom playlists. Will you also issue a user’s guide at the same time? Will it be possible for a custom playlist to contain entire tv series (not just individually selected episodes? It would great to have his and her playlists.

Hi all,

Does infuse pro on tvOS have a feature to enable you to create a watchlist of specific movies and tv shows you want to watch next rather than having to search for them? Similarly can you create playlists?

Apols if this already exists or has already been tackled… new to the forums.


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I don’t think so, but it would be a nice feature :slight_smile:

Would love to have this feature, Linked up against my trakt.

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Watchlists are on the ‘Planned’ feature list, but not yet ‘In progree’: see Upcoming Features (updated 2/23/21)

I too am eagerly looking forward to when watchlists get implemented.


Moving to suggestions. :slight_smile:

I had the discussion with my GF yesterday! what should be awesome is to have playlist by Shows order. For exemple every week night we are watching the same shows in the same order like it will be on TV. So it could be awesome to create preset of show list which playing the episodes in the same order. Exemple

1 - Big Bang theory (one episode)
2 - Brookly Nine Nine (2 episodes)
3 - Stranger things (1 episode)

and when you start it play the 4 first unseen episodes.

More over, I don’t know if you can do that, but I you name your preset “evening playlist”, enable the way to start it from Siri. And we will be in a magic world!

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Favorites lists, a customizable watchlist, and more sorting and filtering functionality are the features I’m most excited about. Currently, I use Infuse alongside Letterboxd, which allows me to create custom lists as well as a customizable watchlist. I have lists for favorite movies, Christmas movies, Halloween movies, etc. I also like that I can filter any list, watchlist, “liked” movies, seen movies, etc. I can sort by rating, or even film popularity. Similar functionality in Infuse would be a very welcome addition as I find that deciding on a movie to watch in a massive movie library isn’t always easy.

This was added in Infuse 6.2, which is available today. :slight_smile:

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Took a year but we got there :slight_smile:

I think this is a brilliant idea.

Preparing a watchlist that will automatically play the next unwatched episodes of selected TV shows (like what the “Deck” does) is like having your own customised TV channel.

I would personally have a watchlist for Saturday mornings, one for Sunday evenings etc…

Being able to choose the number of episodes for each show would be even better.

Is it currently a feature I can use? If not, is it planned?

Welcome to the forum!

Playlists have been added to Infuse for a while now. You can find out how to use them here.

Thanks for the warm welcome.

With regards to your answer, I am not sure to follow your reasoning.

A playlist is “dumb” and plays exactly the file you have added.

What we refer to as a “watchlist” is “smart”: you don’t select the files but the shows and the order, and the watchlist will play automatically the next unwatched episode for each selected show.

For exemple, I would add The Big Bang Theory, Airwolf and Mad Men to a watchlist named Sunday evening. The watchlist would play the latest unwatched episode of TBBT, then the latest episode of Airwolf, etc…

So I am not sure we are speaking about the same features. Could you please clarify if I missed something?

I would just like to know whether this feature currently exists. I might have missed it.

Can anybody help?