Playlist Questions

This is for playlists in Infuse. No Plex or other servers involved.

This is also on the tvOS version of Infuse.

When you add a TV series to a playlist it adds it as all individual episodes, is there a way to have it show as a single TV show that you can drill down into so you don’t have multiple pages of individual episodes?


Also having the “watched” pie for each series, season would be a big plus.

As an added bonus it’d be great to have the episodes removed from the playlist when finished with that episode or at least a setting to allow that.


Currently, all videos in a playlist will be listed individually. There won’t be any grouping of seasons, collections for things like that.

The main reason for this is a playlist is simply a list of files. Having a list with a number of seasons (which are effectively sub-lists) would be a bit confusing, IMHO.

Well is there a way to create a list of favorite TV shows instead of having to duplicate the files in two different places? Right now I have several TV shows the family follows but I have to duplicate the files in different favorites so each has their own personal favorites and then the group favorites.

When you create a TV show playlist it gets very unwieldy to have more that one show when you can’t group by series/season. Example is look at Game Of Thrones, with dozens of episodes it’s not very easy to find where you left off and if there are more than on series in that playlist you end up scrolling through dozens of episodes for each which is more than confusing than seeing a series poster that you could see the watched indicator on and then the seasons that would also show the watched pie indicators etc.

I think you are wanting something along the lines I suggested here some time ago … Custom To Watch lists

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Excellent! You worded far better than I did. The only thing I’d add is to give the option of either a list or a favorite and it’d be great.

@james Any chance of incorporating remotevisitor’s ideas into playlists or a new user defined favorite? We really need a way to have a list of favorite TV shows that self cleans and updates based on the users library of shows.

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