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What’s the difference between the requested “Custom Collections” feature and regular Playlists?

E.g., I have an MCU Playlist built myself in release order.

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Care to answer the question?

Why would you delete my perfectly on topic question 3 times?

“What would be the difference between a “manually add collections (e.g. all Marvel Movies etc.)” and a manually added playlist?”

Asked and answered.

You perfectly skipped over the actual question, btw.

A playlist is a list of videos you currently have in your library that you want to play or display as a group.

A Collection could include items that you don’t currently have but if you did obtain them they would automatically be added to the custom collection just like the current collections that are provided by TMDB you don’t have to have all of the movies in their collections to show as part of one.

Being a “custom” collection means you have to add things to it yourself, how do you add things that you don’t already have?

A collection is going to be grouped together while browsing. So if you are looking at all movies, for instance, Avengers won’t show up but an entry for MCU will. Then when you select it you will see all the Marvel movies.

The idea is that for some items like cartoon shorts you can group them so they don’t pollute the rest of your movies. Playlist doesn’t change how the movies appear elsewhere in the app but can hold a list of movies in the same order as a collection would.

Would this mean we can have collections within a collection then?

For example, If there is a custom MCU collection, what to do with the TMDB-defined Avengers Collection? It would have to be nested.

Then, there is the question of, whether the nested collections should show up in the collections menu.

I have thought about nested collections but that could cause problems and implementation inside the app could be difficult. Often collections wouldn’t be in the same order as what you would want, think Captain America collection inside Marvel custom collection. But maybe a Phase 1 collection inside MCU would still work. I would like to see 2 levels of collections if they can figure it out. Another example would be Sean Connery bond collection inside of the full James Bond collection.

That’s very true.

Another thing is, TMDB is planning to introduce a “Universe” feature. This would likely take care of some of the need for custom collections.

Of course the true order of the universe will also be fought over

It can be solved with a dropdown menu that says “sort order:slight_smile: .

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