Playlist management (Direct Mode)

I want to preface by saying I’m a fairly new Infuse user. I only reallly started it using it recently with the release of Direct Mode since I use a huge Jellyfin library.

I’m facing the following issue, when creating a playlist in Infuse with just my Jellyfin server connected via Direct Mode, I cannot remove items added to the playlist. All I can do is add items to a playlist, but never remove them. When I click on a playlist, there is no 3 little dots in the playlist folder. When I hold click on the playlist itself or the playlist item itself, I get no options to remove the item from the playlist.

I was looking at the user guides posted on the Firecore website, and it mentions how to add and remove items from a playlist, but I cannot see the same options of removing an item.

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Can confirm, able to add content to playlists but not remove via infuse for Jellyfin direct mode.

I can’t access any Plex playlists when using Direct Mode.

When i try to add something to an existing playlist, i only get the option to create a new one. After creating a new playlist, this one also isn’t accessible when i try to add another item.

All pre-existing and newly created playlists appear on the home screen (and in Plex Web) but cannot i can’t add anything to them because they don’t appear in the “add-to-playlist-dialog”.