Playlist iso files Theatrical/ Extended

I read thru several topics that talk about playing iso files and also found some similar remarks/questions, but did not find a definitive answer. Or I am not searching correctly.

When playing an iso file, Infuse will choose the best playlist, probably the largest.

This works fine for the majority, but in case of titles that as example have a Theatrical and Extended cut, there is no way to select either one of them, correct?

By default, Infuse will select the longest ‘title’ when playing an ISO or BDMV folder.

If this title isn’t the one you want, you can select from the other titles through the Video tab of the Playback Menu.

To access the Playback Menu, swipe down (tvOS) or tap the gear icon (iOS) while a video is playing.

Great, did not think to click on title under video, thought it was informational :neutral_face:.

Thanks james.

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