Playlist In Infuse (iOS)

Sorry for asking (cannot find search function for Discussion Forums), but I want to set up a playlist in Infuse on my iPad in order for it to play the items (episodes) in the playlist automatically in the playlist order. How to do this? Thx Paul

I’m pretty sure that a playlist or an editable “what’s next” list on the Infuse “To Do” list but not currently available.

First thing, the forum search is located on the bottom of the main forum page here and second, there is a tacked thread at the top of the “Suggestions” sub forum here titled “Upcoming Features” that is constantly updated by the Infuse Staff that has a list of features to come and the best guess of what version it may be included in.

If your suggestion isn’t listed in that thread then by all means start a new thread in the “Suggestions” sub forum detailing what you would like to see. There others can voice their agreement with you and get it on the Infuse staff’s radar.

Best of luck!