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I’m creating a playlist of Gregory Peck movies so I can watch them in order. The playlist shows under the title “film date” or “2 items”. I checked and I don’t have two copies of the ones marked as 2 items. What is Infuse trying to tell me?

If you’re talking about below the playlist poster that this is telling you that you have 2 movies in your playlist.

If you’re seeing this below one of the movies inside your playlist you can go to the pre-playback screen and see the two options for what Infuse thinks is the same movie like 720p and 1080p. If you select one of those you can scroll to the bottom of the window and see the file name of that choice. Then scroll back up and select the other and do the same. Then you can tell if you actually have 2 copies of the same movie or if one is a mismatch in the metadata.

This is what I see

There are not two copies of the movies. The extra movies all have the n/d as the second movie.

When you highlight the “n/d” what does it show down the page where the file name would be?

1st picture is with n/d selected and 2nd picture is with 1080p selected.

I wonder if the are possibly 2 connections with different protocols to the same server.

Did you check your settings to see if you had doubled up on connections to a server?

I’ve seen that before when infuse has refreshed while a movie isn’t done ripping yet. Perhaps select it and edit. It should also tell you the filename below.

I just use Infuse with 3 NAS drives. I don’t use Plex or other servers.
What does the n/d stand for?

My assumption is that n/d is short for “no details”

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