Playing Xvids Thru Itunes

I’ve Installed Perian on my Mac Mini, so In Itunes I can play a Xvid AVI by opening the file in QT Pro and making a reference to the file in itunes, when I double click on the reference .mov file it plays the xvid thru Itunes. I had thought that since my Flashed ATV has Perian and can play xvids from its own drive, then it would see and play this small reference file which should play in the main library of the atv, no dice thou the ATV does not see the small file so that I can play the xvid. Should this work? Itunes has no problem with it.

You can play xvid on the Apple TV with aTV Flash, but it must be played through one of the new plugins. Media (Sapphire, DVD (nitoTV) or Files.

try using appleTVfooler, great little magical script, drop your avi on it, feed the resulting mov to itunes,
and your appleTV will play it, believing it to be a QuickTime ƒ.

I love it!

good luck!

Actually this method also works on OOTB, “unpatched” AppleTV’s…! :slight_smile: