Playing videos in Infuse while using other apps

I was wondering if Infuse can play files while using other apps. Can it minimize itself to a small box-like view when I switch to some other app from Infuse?

I tried pressing the second button from the right bottom corner while Infuse was playing a video to minimize the screen to a smaller box. But the app crashed. Let me know if it is not clear which button I am talking about here. I will upload a pic.

On those iPad devices which support PiP (picture in picture) Infuse should play in a small window in the corner of the screen (I think there are a few limitations but if the source is h264 or h265 it should work).

However for some reason on my iPad it only does this successfully the 1st time I do it after starting Infuse; Subsequent attempts results in Infuse closing when the PiP is selected. This continues until I forcibly terminate Infuse and then it works once until the next restart. It didn’t always do this for me but has been doing it for the last few 6.1.x releases … have an open ticket for this. My brother’s iPad does not appear to show this behaviour (but then he has been running the Apple iPadOS 13 beta)

PIP fixes are incoming on the latest infuse that’s in beta testing. It’s being built with the iOS sdk so I don’t think Apple will allow it to be released until iOS 13 is GM.

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