Playing via iPad with lightning to hdmi doesn’t fill screen

I have tried to play a movie using infuse pro on iPad Pro 9,7 using lightning to hdmi, but the screen isn’t filled, even if I tried changing some settings . I then tried playing with infuse 4 pro another movie and it is filling the screen and then I tried a tv series episode which didn’t fill the screen with infuse 4 but when I changed some settings it was ok. Do you think there is a problem with infuse pro which I paid for 32€ or there is another problem which I can’t figure out.
Some help would be appreciated

We’ve resolved a few issues with HDMI adapters and will be including these fixes in an update soon - however we haven’t seen any issues with content not filling the screen.

Is this happening with all videos, or just a few? What type of videos? Are they streamed, or local files? If local, were they synced via iTunes?

Hi. I just bought the apple lightning to hdmi adaptor to use with infuse, but I am having a similar issue. For local 480p mp4 videos, it won’t fill the screen, and often comes up as completely black on the tv (apart from subtitles). Higher resolution videos seem to mostly work ok. Any chance you could organise a fix for this. I also find that sometimes my ipad loses connection to the tv, that might be an issue with the adaptor, I am not sure.

I have the same problem… (iPad Pro, iOS11 and Infuse Pro 5.6.11 (2033) / tech details: 9KKMB)
But found out, via another thread, that I can get proper HDMI output
by continuing with this sequences:

  • press Infuse “Done”
  • remove and reinsert HDMI adapter
  • press Infuse play

(The other suggestion from the thread to;

  • remove and reinsert HDMI adapter
  • press Infuse “Done” and then play

do not work for me.)