playing TVos from external hard drive

i have infuse and the new apple TV. i only have a laptop as a computer, and can’t use it for that kind of stuff. any way that i can play movies from an external hard drive via infuse?

my router doenst support network attached devices…

any ideas?

Could you please be more specific as to the type of external HDD you’ve got. If, for instance, this is an USB hard drive and you router doesn’t have a usb port, you could connect it to laptop and make a network share thus allowing Infuse to pick it up.

Apple TV doesn’t support direct connected devices. You could use a laptop as mention or buy a single drive NAS. If none of these are appealing to you and you aren’t committed to tvOS then you could look at other devices such as the Nvidia shield pro which do support direct connected devices. Granted they don’t support infuse.

I can’t use my laptop for other reasons. Basically I’m looking at a way to play movies via an external drive in a stand alone fashion. Any devices like a wifi streaming hard drive or something like that? A hard drive that can create its own access point that infuse would be able to read and access?

There’s probably something out there however they’re usually on the slow side so as long as you don’t plan on playing 4K or full bluray rips they should work.

Hhmmm ok like what? That was my question

Why not just buy a cheap router that does support attached drives?

I thought of that but I have the virgin modem/router “Valerie” and I didn’t know if it would support a router since it was an all in one

You could also buy a single drive synology NAS

You still need to plug that into something like a router no?

If it has a open Ethernet port then there’s no reason you can connect another WiFi router that has a USB port to it using that port for internet access and an additional WiFi network that your ATV can use (but a wired Ethernet connection is best).

A NAS may be able to plug into that port also but would most likely be more expensive than a cheap ac router.

The virgin router has a port but it is well documented that it doesn’t permit hooking up a hard drive. And I’ve tried it anyways.

Are you talking an Ethernet port or USB?

I’m talking about USB port

Does the Virgin Mobile router have any Ethernet ports?

I once had a hard drive from Seagate that was designed as an extention storage for tablets and phones. It had a built in wireless router the devices connected to and provided a pass-through for internet connection via your other router. It was totally wireless solution and as I remember you could do SMB shares. Not sure about the speed, I once took it to travel and it worked very well. I had it about 3 years ago not sure if they are still making it. Just an idea.

Yes it does

I had it too mike. But I’m pretty sure you needed the Seagate app to stream anything.

Sounds like it’s more complicated than I thought.

Really not that difficult. Cheap router with a usb port or a NAS, either should be fine.