Playing TV shows re-orders show list?

I just got Infuse for Apple TV, and I’m very impressed so far! However there is a small bug that is quite annoying, and I was wondering if maybe I did something wrong to make it happen?

Whenever I watch an episode of a TV show, that show goes to the BOTTOM of the TV show list, instead of being sorted in alphabetical order. The episodes themselves once I’m in the show are fine.

Any other reports on this? Or maybe I accidentally checked something I shouldn’t?

This is a known listen that series where the metadata has been loaded currently get listed after series folders which have not had their metadata loaded.

Hopefully this is an issue which will be addressed in a subsequent release as it is annoying.

So is a good workaround to go into every show I have and load the metadata? I’ll try that tonight. :slight_smile:

Well I check it out, and this workaround doesn’t really work for me because not all the shows are showing up as the meta data being loaded, no matter what I do. Meaning some shows are stuck out of order. Hmm…

I suspect your issue is similar to here

When you open the folder, Infuse then does it’s MetaData thing, moving the TV Series to the end if it’s labelled 100% correctly, or leaving it where it is in the TV Show list if it’s not 100% correct.